“ Scarpia by Gaspar Colón Moleiro is the best performance I have ever heard in theater and also the best Venezuelan Scarpia in the history of this opera in our country. It is not only the vocals but its incarnation. The color, the manner of speaking, the different arista found in the character: the brutality, cynism, hypocrisy, cruelty, morbidity, elegance, with such powerful voice ever, treacherous, aristocratic. Neither was the Te Deum, graceful moment for a baritone career but the whole Act II in which he manages to keep the focus almost fixed into it.”

- Einar Goyo Ponte, Diario El Universal -

“ The second and third parts (of Cantata Criolla) are the singing contest between Florentino and the devil. Tenor Aquiles Machado and baritone Gaspar Colon Moleiro were like toreador and bull, gouging and stabbing with sparkling self confidence through song. Both where terrific, creating a high sence of drama. The sheer immediacy of their singing, of the sensational choruses and the orchestra.”

- Los Angeles Times -